Why You Should Book A PIT Pad For Your TDY in Albuquerque

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Why You Should Book A PIT Pad For Your TDY in Albuquerque

When it comes to selecting the best location for your pilot instructor training TDY housing in Albuquerque, the choices seem both plenty and few. You may see several great hotel or temporary lodging options near the Kirtland Air Force Base, but there is always the challenge of getting your DTS approved and making sure that your housing arrangements can be flexible, in case your orders change at the last minute. And the worst case scenario – the possibility of ending up stranded, as sometimes happens when your booked dates no longer match your TDY dates.

As you work through the multitude of choices and options available, consider staying at a pilot crash pad for your TDY at Kirtland AFB. While staying at a hotel may be the first option to come to mind, a PIT crash pad can provide you with all of the same hospitality features, plus more! Here is a rundown on PIT pad facts, and reasons why you should book one for your TDY:

What is a PIT Pad, or Crash Pad?

Some people hear the term “crash pad” and imagine people crammed into a tiny room with bunk beds, trying to save some money on housing. That is actually the history of a crash pad as a temporary housing alternative. Commercial airline pilots were the first to use crash pads as a way to rest between flights. Many of those original crash pads would be just a room with multi-level stacks of bunk beds to accommodate dozens of pilots at once.

Those first crash pads for airlines were designed to simply be space and cost efficient. But today, there is a new luxury type of crash pad – it provides all of the hotel-like amenities with the feeling of home, and is often a lot more budget-friendly. If you are a military professional traveling away from home temporarily, or heading to your pilot instructor training in Albuquerque, NM, booking a PIT pad should be your first choice. Here is why.

Incredible Value for the Cost

As we talk about how much more value you can get for your money with a crash pad compared to a hotel, know that when you book your PIT pad with Royal Retreat Crash Pads, it costs you nothing out of pocket. We know the military travel system inside and out, so we know how to get your DTS approved and take all that potential stress off your plate.

Even without those DTS considerations, a crash pad still provides amazing value for the cost compared to a hotel. Our Albuquerque, New Mexico PIT pad amenities include everything you would expect at a hotel and more – from the maid service to a washer and dryer and a fully stocked kitchen.

Convenience And Comfort

With our pilot crash pads near Kirtland AFB, you get amenities like your own kitchen, pre-paid utilities, air conditioning, your own washer and dryer, high-speed WiFi, secure parking, professional maid services, access to a handyman and more. You are taken care of as if you were a hotel guest, but you are also provided with the comforts of a home and additional privacy.

You can rely on the convenience of services you are accustomed to while traveling. But you can also expect to enjoy the things you are used to at home, like several rooms all to yourself and a relaxing feel of a house rather than a cramped multi-unit hotel building.

Access To The Whole House

A PIT pad in Albuquerque, NM will provide you a desk and a comfortable workspace as minimum, while most of our crash pads would also provide room for relaxing and entertaining. We want our guests to be able to invite their friends over for a relaxing night in, maybe host their family for a weekend visit, and be able to enjoy their space as they wish without any regulations that a hotel would impose.

When you stay at a PIT pad for your Albuquerque TDY, you know that you will have the privacy and quiet you need to rest and relax after the day’s work. A hotel is often busy with other guests, families, staff, noise and a bustling lobby. At a pilot crash pad, you are guaranteed to get a good night’s rest without interruptions, to get ready for a full day of pilot instructor training at Kirtland AFB.

Caring Customer Service

Unlike large hotel chains, our Albuquerque military crash pads are owned and operated by people who care about you, the guest, above any profit or regulation. We focus on making you feel at home, providing solutions for scheduling and booking challenges, and putting you first. Our PIT pad customer service is known for being understanding, accommodating and customer-centered.

This is not just another hotel front desk or a call center – we are here for your questions, last-minute changes, DTS approval, and anything in-between. See for yourself – reach out to us today to chat about your next stay.

Choose a PIT crash pad as your Albuquerque TDY housing, complete with a home feel and an unmatched level of personable customer service and care.


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