Things to expect in temporary duty housing for military personnel

sThings to expect in temporary duty housing for military personnel

As military personnel, you are used to staying on or around a military base, even when traveling away from home for temporary duty. Many military professionals choose to do this during their TDY – because of early mornings and late nights at work, frequent travel, easy access to necessary amenities, and a quick way to get to work in case of urgent need. Convenience, access to recreational facilities, a safe and familiar environment, and people and staff who are familiar with the military life and requirements only add to the “pros” list for this option.
Did you know that you have a great alternative for your stay? Military crash pads have that hotel quality that feels like home, but are still supported by staff that knows the needs of the military. Here at Royal Retreats Crash Pads, we have provided alternative temporary housing facilities that will help provide all the essentials you need, even when you are off the military base.
Let’s take a look at some of the features you can look out for when staying at our military crash pads Albuquerque, NM (Kirtland AFB) or San Antonio, TX (Lackland AFB). All of these amenities will make sure that you maintain a comfortable standard of living, even while away from home!

Easy access to fun things to do in the area

Few things are worse than being on a military TDY away from your family, friends and things you love, and having nothing to do after you are done with work. Beat the TDY blues by venturing out of your military crash pad and getting to know the local area! We make sure that our crash pads are conveniently located very close to base, but also close to areas of the city that are fun to explore.
Grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant, do some shopping, or visit a museum or a historical landmark. If you are into the outdoors, explore the local area for some hikes, fishing, or other active hobbies to pursue. All of that is a short driving distance away from our Royal Retreats military crash pads locations.

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A getaway from base to get a break during your TDY

We are no strangers to the military lifestyle. The “hurry up and wait” of it all, the late nights and waking up at dawn can really get to you, especially when you are outside of your comfort zone of home, or out of your usual routine. Crash pads for military personnel give you the opportunity to get away from it all, once the workday is over.
Many say that rest is just a change in your activities and surroundings. This is so important for optimal performance and staying in a good headspace during your temporary duty! Relax on the drive over to your military crash pad, enjoy the privacy and the home feel it offers, take advantage of the amenities and the maid service, and just take a breather. Now you are ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Space for your family & friends

We understand that our clients are both single travelers and military members with families. We made sure that some of our crash pads accommodate the needs of families.
From multi-bedroom and bathroom houses, to locations that feature TV rooms and spacious backyards – we make sure that our guests with families have the opportunity to stay with us comfortably and enjoy themselves. But even if you are a single traveler, you can have your friends over for a homemade dinner, or to share a movie night or a game of pool together. Our military crash pads are more than just a place to stay. They provide the true feel of home – a place where people can come together.

An understanding and experienced staff

We know what it’s like being in your shoes. Royal Retreats military crash pads was founded and is operated by an Air Force veteran and a traveling military contractor. We are familiar with all of the hoops you have to jump through and speak the military language.
We will help you get your DTS receipts approved, and will make sure that you always have options, even if your TDY dates change. Unlike other short-term rental companies that only occasionally book TDY homes, providing crash pads to military personnel is our main focus and passion. Our goal is to make sure you have the best stay, as we take care of all the details so that you can focus on your mission.

Premium features that still feel like home

We want you to feel at home while you’re staying at one of our military crash pads. But we also make sure that you get to feel pampered by all of the premium features and quality of service that a hotel would offer, and even better than that!
Some of our hospitality features include:

    • A fully stocked kitchen
    • Prepaid utilities
    • Air conditioning
    • Washer and dryer
    • An office space to study and work
    • High-speed WIFI
    • Secure parking
    • Maid service
    • Handyman on call
    • Landscaping service
    • TV rooms, grills, spacious backyards, and more – depending on location.

Consider staying at one of our military crash pads during your TDY for the smoothest experience, and even to make some memories during your travel. Contact us to get more details about our locations in San Antonio, TX and Albuquerque, NM.

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