How is the Crime in Albuquerque?

How is the Crime in Albuquerque?

The crime rate in Albuquerque is high, so it’s important to be prepared before visiting your TDY Rental. Royal Retreats Crash Pads goes above and beyond to choose the perfect Crash Pad in safe and friendly locations. We have monitored security in all TDY rentals. Albuquerque is a beautiful place to visit while going through your TDY and PIT program, lush with culture and history. It has many beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and museums that are worth checking out.

If you’re in the Military and you’re about to move to Albuquerque for Temporary Duty (TDY), we hope these tips will help you!

What are we doing to keep our TDY Rentals safe?

At RoyalRetreats CrashPads, we take the safety of our Clients seriously. We ensure that all our Temporary Duty Rental Houses are located in trusted neighborhoods.

Our Crash Pad’s security is tight as a drum. We have surveillance systems with cameras on all of our rentals, and we have controlled entry to all of our properties.  

What are we doing to keep your car safe?

The number one concern for most of our clients is safe parking. For this reason, our TDY Rentals all have dedicated parking in safe locations, either in view of security systems or safely secured with garage parking!


Other things to keep in mind while TDY

  • Utilize a CrashPad provider that only operates in safe neighborhoods, and has an in-depth knowledge of the location. 
  • Lock your car and make sure your belongings are not visible.
  • Park in the garage or security-monitored driveway


As you can see, even though crime is an issue in Albuquerque, at RoyalRetreats CrashPads we are doing our part to keep your TDY Rentals safe.

If you’re planning on moving to Albuquerque for Temporary Duty, we suggest that you contact us, the city may have a high crime rate, but it also has a vibrant culture and there are many attractions to visit safely. Make sure you check our blog post about all the Things to do in Albuquerque while staying in our military crash pads!


What is the city of Albuquerque doing to solve this issue?

If you are interested to know more about what the City of Albuquerque is doing to keep things safe, please visit their official website:

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