Air Force bases in San Antonio, TX for your Temporary Duty (TDY)

Air Force bases in San Antonio, TX for your Temporary Duty (TDY)

Our TDY Rentals are strategically located close to all Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) bases, which is a conglomerate of five military bases located primarily in the area of San Antonio, Texas. These five bases are where you will be doing your Temporary Duty TDY and spending most of your time while you’re staying in the beautiful city of San Antonio.

Here’s some useful information about Lackland Air Force Base, Randolph Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bullis, and John Chapman Training (Formally known as ‘Medina’) Annex

All bases play important roles in the training and education of airmen, soldiers, seamen, and marines for the US Armed Forces, they also train many different types of aircraft.

Lackland Air Force Base

Located in southwest San Antonio, JBSA-Lackland is roughly a 20-minute drive to downtown. Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland serves as the “Gateway” for many Air Force careers. Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) is the main reason for the moniker, and the installation’s primary mission is training. In 1941, Lackland AFB began as a small parcel of land carved out of Kelly Field, a nearby Army airfield. Kelly Field (later Kelly Air Force Base) has since closed, and the Kelly Field Annex now belongs to JBSA-Lackland.

As a military pilot instructor, you will attend your Pilot Instructor Training course (PIT) and then come back to our TDY Rental for rest at the end of each day. During your Pilot Instructor Training (PIT) course, you will learn how to be a military pilot instructor. Each day after class, you can come back to our TDY Rental to relax and unwind from a long day at the base.

Lackland AFB is also home to the John Chapman Training Annex (formally Medina Annex), which is where The U. S. Air Force provides training to its Special Forces teams and provides some of the toughest physical and mental training in all of the armed forces.

The Airman development programs at Lackland AFB rigors test airmen to their limits. Only a few can successfully complete all the phases of the pipeline, this is why at RoyalRetreats CP we make sure all our TDY Rentals provide the best conditions for relaxation, our Lackland AFB TDY Rentals are located very close to Lackland AFB so you can come back home in no time. We know that the Air Force is looking for the best, so we make sure all of our TDY Rentals are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to feel right at home.

Randolph Air Force Base

Located 15 miles northeast of downtown San Antonio in Universal City, Texas, Randolph Air Force Base was established in 1931 as a pilot training facility. It was named in honor of Captain William Millican Randolph, an aviator who died in 1928. His plane disappeared over Mississippi while he searched for another missing aircraft.

JBSA-Randolph is the Air Force’s premier base for pilot instructor training and combat systems officer training. Because of its heavy air traffic, this airport sees almost 15 times more takeoffs and landings than nearby San Antonio International Airport.

We have TDY Rentals in convenient locations close to this base and within walking distance. Our TDY Rentals come with one, two, or three bedrooms that are fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities of a home.

Fort Sam Houston

Because of its central location in the city of San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston is considered a “hub” for Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA). Located within Bexar County (pronounced bear by locals and military alike) Fort Sam provides support to all three installations that make up JBSA.

Fort Sam Houston has a history full of rich traditions dating back to 1876, now JBSA-Fort Sam Houston is also known as The Home of Military Medicine—and with good reason. Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), the largest military healthcare organization, and South Texas Health Care System (STHCS), the only Level 1 trauma center in the DoD, are here.

We also have TDY Rental houses in convenient locations that are a short drive away and within walking distance of this base. We offer TDY Rentals with one, two, or three bedrooms that are fully furnished and equipped with all the comforts of a home.

San Antonio is a big city with the heart of a small town. Friendly and patriotic locals make it easy for military families to feel at home. The city’s rich history can be seen in its many museums, parks, and attractions.

San Antonio also has plenty to do outside of work hours, please take a look at our post about Things to do in San Antonio while staying in our Military PIT Pads


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